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Wow by Post Malone (Luke Holland Drum Remix) - Pro Drum 'SR'FC

Upload : 9 Jan 2019
Channel  : BirdmanExe
Duration : 2.58
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luke sendpie notice me pls

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So, a bit of a funny story with this one. Earlier today, I was looking through Instagram and saw Luke posted on his account that he uploaded a new cover. I watched through the video, and was like "nice, Luke's covers are always fun. May as well tag Emherson about this". Low and behold, Emh charts it, sends it, and I FC it first time around as my last song of the night on stream.

This video is likely gonna be buried tomorrow because I plan to upload Starlight. I just need it to release :^)

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Wanna download this chart? Check out my customs spreadsheet:

The drumset I use is a Roland TD-25KV. Pedal equipment is the Roland KD9, and Trick Drums Pro 1-V Bigfoot Pedals

You can find me on my [email protected]


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